• Coffee Bar Essentials That You Need — On A Budget!

    Coffee is both a pleasure and necessity that most of us need to go through the day. A home coffee bar is every coffee enthusiast’s dream. Still, not everyone has the space or budget to splurge on creating a cosy coffee bar at home and looking to recreate the taste, texture, and aroma of your favourite coffee drinks at home — on a budget? Here are some essentials for you to enjoy your coffee, all you need are simple coffee recipes and these coffee-making essentials ready!

    Coffee sachets over coffee capsules

    In a fast-paced world geared towards convenience, coffee capsules are solutions for those who need a quick cuppa amidst the morning rush. Capsules come in single-serve capacity without the need to measure coffee grounds for the right taste, and your coffee will be served at the right temperature.

    The price of a box of 16 coffee capsules ranges between RM25 to RM50, whereas a bag of 15 coffee sticks can cost anywhere around RM10 to RM20. An affordable alternative to coffee capsules would be 3-in-1 coffee sachets — they taste as good as coffee in capsules! Better yet, sugar and milk had been added into the powder mixture to give you the right balance of taste and aroma. With the increasing popularity of coffee drinking, coffee products on the market are not just your classic cuppa anymore — you can find various coffee products that incorporate ingredients such as caramel, mocha or green tea for a unique coffee experience.

    Nescafe MY

    Stylish coffee cups and decor to lift your mood

    Having a coffee machine at home gives your countertop the look of a cafe, adds a touch of chic modernity to your space and makes coffee breaks a little more exciting. If you have a small kitchen, the machine will take up a considerable distance — not to mention that it costs relatively expensive if you are on a budget!

    Create the cafe atmosphere at home with stylish coffee cups and decor instead of splurging on a coffee machine. Beat the morning blues with intricate glass coffee cups or stylish ceramic mugs in pastel colours and funky shapes. These cups can also double as elegant countertop decoration pieces; all you have to do is install a wall rack or a mug tree. Complete it with some coffee-related decor — tiny plants, patterned tablecloth, or a tray will do the trick! If you want to enjoy your coffee on the go, an insulated coffee mug is a valuable item to keep your coffee warm or chilled at all times.

    Sugar, spice and everything nice

    Do you like your coffee creamy or sweet, intense or light? Essential items such as milk and sugar are enough, but keeping your choice wide lets you enjoy different flavours now and then. No matter your preferences, having flavour enhancers like cocoa powder, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla pump can give your coffee a taste upgrade.

    Have all the sugar, spice and everything nice but in need of some coffee recipe inspiration? Head over to Nescafe https://www.nescafe.com/my/coffee-recipes and discover a variety of coffee recipes that you can make in the comfort of your home. Be bold in creating and experimenting with unique coffee creations to make your days more enjoyable! Nescafe’s versatile coffee products let you experiment with different recipes to suit your everyday mood — a cup of coffee with robust flavours to combat workday blues or a refreshing glass of iced coffee to relax on weekends.